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Prepar3d V4 addons Migration

Posted by Darryn Fisher on 15/06/2017

Lockheed Martin's long awaited Prepar3d v4 is finally out, opening up a whole new 64bit frontier for Flight Simulation. We have been assured that the days of OOMs and virtual memory issues are a thing of the past.

That said you may have some old add-ons from your P3D v3 that you might like to try and install into your new P3D v4. You may find that when running the installer for the add-on that it only allow you to select P3D v3 as your simulator and v4 does not appear on the list.

One way around this issue if you still have P3D v3 installed is to create what is called a "Symbolic Link" this fools the add-on installer into thinking that it is installing itself into P3D v3 while in fact it will be installing into your new P3D v4, The process is described below.


1. Open your file browser and navigate to where your Prepar3d v3 is installed e.g. c:/program files (x86)/Lockheed Martin

2. In the Lockheed Martin folder you will have a folder called Prepar3d V3, right click on this and click rename. Change the name of the folder to Prepar3d.old

3. Click on your windows "Start" button and type CMD into the search box. You will see "Command Prompt" come up in the program list, right click on it and click "run as Administrator"

4. A black command window will open

5. In the command window you need to navigate to your P3D v3 folder as above so using the same example location as above you would type into the command line cd program files (x86)/Lockheed Martin

6. now you need to find the location of your P3D v4 installation in your file browser and write it down or remember it of this example we will say that your V4 is installed to c:/program files/Lockheed MartinPrepar3d v4

7. In the Command window make sure that you are in the c:/program files (x86)Lockheed Martin as per above and type the following command "mklink /d prepar3d c:program filesLockheed MartinPrepar3d v4" hit enter

8. If you open your file browser


Norway Tour Part 2

Posted by Darryn Fisher on 15/06/2017

The new Norway Tour Part 2 is now live.

Register now by clicking on "Pilot Center/Tours" page and then selecting the norway tour part 2 image from the list.

Thanks to Ernie for setting this one up !!!!