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About Us

GEO Airlines was founded in 2013 in by three devoted flight simulator pilots. The ethos was simple. A friendly place to fly where there are few rules, plenty of good friendly fun and your total freedom of the skies. GEO's open skies policy allows you total freedom. GEO has over 20000 schedules. If what you want is not there simply fly it in charter mode. We have liveries for lots of freeware aircraft and more in development. In 2014 GEO formed a partnership with British Virgin UK. This gives us the flexibility of linked servers and some great entertainment on TeamSpeak. The Banter is always in the best possible taste. So if you want the freedom to fly, have plenty of Fun and meet new friends. Think GEO.

British Virtual Group (BVG) was formed in 2014 by the coming together of British Virgin UK and GEO Airlines (GEO). BVG have one simple aim and that is to be the best. Our community has many aspects and with the membership growing it can only become stronger. With various tours and events being held and planned there is something for any pilot even non experienced pilots are welcome. BVG have over 25000 schedules so if it is Props or jets, Big or small, Civilian or Military or good old General Aviation. We have something for one and all. Like the sound of a fun filled time with like minded pilots. The sign up and we will have you airborne in no time at all. Our open skies policy allows you the freedom of the skies with very few Rules to follow. We track our flights on three different trackers. VACentral, FSAirlines and FSCloud.


Rules and Regulations

  • There are no flight rules to abide by.
  • You must be 18 years of age or over to become a member of British Virtual Group. Unless you are already a member, and agree to log on all flight trackers requested. 16 - 18 year olds will be approved on a case by case basis, by which you have to show high levels of maturity
  • You must complete at least one flight a month to remain active. If you do not fly a flight in three months you will be deemed to have left the community and you account will be deleted.
  • Whilst on Teamspeak you must be courteous towards other members. Please speak English only. Swearing does occur but please keep it to a minimum. DO NOT share pirated software on the teamspeak server. Only flight related items are allowed on the Teamspeak server. If any unrelated items are found they will be deleted.
  • Finally and most importantly Fly, Enjoy, Make new friends and have a really good time doing it. This is the world of BVG. The sky is the limit

Our Partners