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Our Staff

Board of Directors

Our directors are the head of our community, they over see the running of everything and ensure everything goes well. You can find them on Teamspeak or feel free to email them and they will get back to you as soon as they can!


Glenn White

Hi I am Glenn a Director of BVG airlines. I have been into flight simulation for well over 20 years. First flew on Falcon on the Amiga. Have flown both Military and Civilian simulators. Hope to see you in the virtual skies real soon.

Ernie Eyre

Hi I am Ernie a Director of BVG Airlines. I have plenty of real life experience of flying light aircraft. And many years of simulator flying. Flew along side Glenn in the 414 Dragons on Falcon 4 Allied force back in the day. Then reverted back to civilian simulation.

Alan Peel

Hi there I am Alan Peel a Diretor of BVG. I have years of simulator experience. I have flown for many Virtual Airlines in the past. I have been flying with all the guys you see here for over a year.


Paul Newman

Hello and Welcome to BVG. I am Paul. Director of Human Resources. I have many 1000's of hours on the simulator and love the fun we have here at BVG. If you enjoy flying and enjoy good honest fun this is the place to be.


Darryn Fisher

Hi and welcome to the British Virtual Group. I am the technical Director and look after the website and all of that backend techy stuff to make sure that everything functions the way that it should and that we all have fun! I have been a keen flight simmer for many years and enjoy helping others .


Assistant Directors

We currently have no assisstant directors and are not recruting any. Please check back later for any vacancies!